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Nyla Goody

October 29, 1949 — February 2, 2022

Oh where to begin and how to write a short love story…  It is with great sadness and honor that I announce the passing of a very special lady, woman, mother, grandmother, comrade, my soul-mate and wife, Nyla Marie Goody (Schutte).  Loved by many and will be missed by all who knew her.  Nyla was 72 years young when she passed.  Ever younger in her mind but stricken with a broken body.

There are not enough words, space or time to express the immense love and talent that Nyla possessed and exuded each and every day.  She was a rock for many people.  Nyla unexpectedly and suddenly departed from this world on Wednesday, February 2, 2022 and now slumbers, awaiting the trumpet calls and return of her Creator Yahshua Hamashiach.  Born to Leroy Willis Schutte and wife Nola Grace Hunnel on October 29, 1949, Nyla entered this world and was destined to touch and change many lives.

If you had the pleasure and privilege of knowing Nyla, you know how very very special she was.  Her nature, her laugh, her smile and her love – were all infectious.  She brought others “up”.  This tragic event is a great loss to many – from those she briefly touched, to her co-workers, my co-workers, family, friends, neighbors, individuals who she babysat for and those families she offered her heart, unconditional love and guidance to their children to help raise them in God’s image.

Some of those children Nyla encountered are grown today and have families of their own.  Others, were rather new and Nyla was not finished with them yet.  Nyla had a servant’s heart and also helped several others at the end of their lives depart this world with end of life hospice-like servitude and duties until their passing, including her youngest son at the very end, Robert Lake at only 39 years old in May 2020.  Nyla was the ultimate love of anyone’s life, and we were fortunate to have had her in our lives.  I was the more selfish one and was able to woo her away at a square-dance in Quinlan which led to a glorious marriage of 36 years.

Nyla was born in Corning, CA soon moving to Cheyenne, WY as a baby wherein she grew up and became part of the Cheyenne community.  Nyla’s parents and siblings grew up with little to nothing, and at the time would be considered poor.  No indoor plumbing for years, dirt floor, money tight and times were hard.  Many times dinner was a saucer with crackers and milk poured over them – maybe some sugar, but sugar was rare.  It was even more special and rare when the kids got Ice Cream.

As a young teenager, Nyla began to work on the family farm in Chugwater, WY, driving grain trucks at the age of 13-14 while following the combines as they harvested wheat.  They put blocks on the truck’s pedals so Nyla could reach them.  She would race her cousin to see who could make the most trips in a day.  Nyla was not afraid of work. Instead of working in the kitchens with the women, Nyla worked side by side with the field laborers.

Nyla grew up and attended high school in Cheyenne, first at East High, then finished at Central High.  Nyla stood up for the underdog and found herself coming to the aid of several other kids and friends to fight off the bullies.  She even retaliated against a teacher after which the teacher threw the chalk-board eraser at Nyla, hitting her square in the chest in a “poof” of chalk dust.  Nyla in turn, instantly, picked up that eraser and shot it back at the teacher striking her.  The teacher, in shock, sent Nyla to the Principals’ office where Nyla was on a 1 st name basis with the staff.  Nyla would walk into the office and the Principal would go…”what now Nyla…?”, and so began the conversation of many visits.

Nyla was not a trouble-maker; but would also not stand idly by and let others be hurt.  Nyla was a Tom-boy, tough, strong, took garbage from no one, spoke her mind, and hence, earned the reputation of being the enforcer around school and elsewhere.  She and her brothers helped keep the peace.

It was not unusual to find Nyla in the middle of a lop-sided fight helping the oppressed.  Case in point – we went to an outdoor concert at the Starplex Amphitheater in Dallas long time ago (Hank Williams, Jr) and after the concert, we walk out into the parking lot and there are about 15-20 cowboys who are literally kicking and stomping this one cowboy in the body, face, head and neck.  Yep, you know it…Nyla dropped my hand and at a full run was headed into that crowd of cowboys yelling and screaming for them to stop.  “STOP IT”, she yelled.  She was so fast and into the middle of the mob scene, pushing everyone back saying “stop it – stop it RIGHT now” and pointing that ever menacing finger in each cowboy’s face as she circled around the group of faces in shock.  Who IS this woman?  It was at that moment when I realized this is about to go really bad and I would have to go rescue Nyla from that unruly crowd, and that I was about to die myself.  I didn’t; we didn’t; and neither did the cowboy kid that was badly injured.

Nyla was on the swim team and was a great swimmer with superior leg strength.  In using her strong legs, Nyla discovered and learned Indian Leg Wrestling where she took down many opponents – including her brother Teddy, who just recently said, “she threw me across the room like nothing, and I thought I won’t wrestle that girl again”, and Sister Mary Alice’s husband Frank, who also suffered from the powerful grip of her legs.  I’ve heard many family members, nephews and others did this often growing up.  I don’t think she was ever defeated.

Nyla had a love for horses and had her own special horse, “Taffy-Joe” growing up as a teenager.  Nyla was known for her horsemanship skills.  Nyla’s horse would be way across the field and when the horse saw the school bus coming around the corner at the end of the day – “boom” here came Taffy-Joe at full gallop racing to the fence, then alongside the road until the bus stopped where Nyla and others got off.  The kids on the bus would just cheer this event every day.  With the love of horses, Nyla was also part of the “Foxy Trotters” riding group in Cheyenne who rode in the Cheyenne Frontier Days Parade.

Nyla had a knack for cooking and was very good at it.  After being transferred by AT&T and moving to Texas, then finding her soulmate, Michael, she was enrolled in the prestigious cooking college of Le Cordon Bleu Academy in Dallas where she honed her skills.  Nyla took top honors daily during the inspection Brigade prior to each day’s class, and also had excellent grades and was respected by the notable staff Chefs.

As Nyla grew, she got jobs at the local nursing home and cut her teeth on caregiving, then worked at the hospital.  Her gentle innocent loving heart was present even during her youth.  Nyla also worked at Mountain Bell Phone Company as an Operator back in the day with pull cords and boards.  Nyla and her best friend Patricia Ann would have competitions and take over 3-boards each and route calls fast as they could.  Their manager enjoyed watching the friendly competition.

Nyla was then absorbed into AT&T after the buyout and rose thru the ranks ultimately becoming an Auditor.  People did not like seeing Nyla come.  She was strict, knew her stuff and held those guilty of failure accountable.  Many times she had to go up against senior management and in short, tell them their management skills stunk, gave reason why, and offered plan of action to rectify it.  Nyla was brutally honest.

Eventually, after the government ordered AT&T divestiture came, and because Nyla was so good at her job, Nyla’s boss in Cheyenne more or less “sold Nyla” to the Dallas Regional Mgr who needed an Auditor to “fix Dallas”.  After Nyla agreed to it, she transferred to Dallas, TX where she continued to work for AT&T.  Shortly after arriving in Dallas, AT&T began to down-size and not so long after, Nyla took a buyout and left AT&T where she then joined other telecommunication companies and pursued her career with GTE, Sprint, MCI, Verizon among others.  Nyla was also an entrepreneur whereas she alone purchased a 7-11 franchise in Cheyenne, WY.

Nyla was an active person up until her double-bypass surgery on July 7, 2020 (free-slurpee day at your local 7-11).  That is how I remember it and she and I would joke about it.  After the bypass surgery, Nyla was of the very small percentile that experience post-surgical issues.  Breathing became a true struggle with little to no air.  Her chest was super tight and she was convinced that they put her back together wrong, overtightening her sternum as they rejoined it.

Soon after bypass surgery, Nyla incurred short-term memory loss which got worse thru time up until her passing.  She maintained her long-term memory but short-term was increasingly bad.  She lost many of her talents including the ability to sew, quilt, follow recipe directions, crochet, and worst of all – cook.  Nyla admitted on several occasions with lament, that the saddest food and recipe she lost was how to make Dad Lopez’s enchiladas.  She could make some food but nothing like before or to the grand extent of years past.  She would burn food, over season, over salt, under-season, etc.

Not that long ago, Nyla thought it’d be a great idea to buy the spice “Chipotle Chili Powder” to season T-bone steaks with.  Those were the hottest, spiciest steaks I’ve ever had – mouth was on fire!  She rubbed hers off.  We laughed, but she also cried as this was just another reminder that she continued to fail at cooking.  Toward the end, she rarely cooked as I helped a lot in the kitchen to keep her on track, reading directions, and encouraging her to continue on.  We also transitioned from eating out every now and then to more and more as she avoided the kitchen or just forgot to cook.

Prior to bypass surgery, Nyla enjoyed life, God and His Word.  She had various hobbies like sewing, quilting, ceramics, gardening, travel, trips to Cheyenne and Denver, cooking (duh), animals and Weiner Dogs – Dachshunds!  Yes, she/we became responsible Weiner Dog Breeders.  Nyla was so very proud of the little pups produced each time.  Several pups went to other owners who recently lost their Weiner dog.  With the last litter that Nyla agreed to allow, there was a special order Dachshund that was bred specifically for Nyla’s adoptive Father, Theodore Lopez Sr. (Dad Lopez), who was falling ill in Cheyenne and needed a companion.

Well along came “Dexter” and the rest is history – Dexter was old enough and time to send to Dad Lopez in Cheyenne – but how?  Nyla did not want to fly Dexter in a crate (too cold), so how would she get Dexter to Dad?  [Mind you, by this time it was winter].  Not sure what was going on at the time but Nyla could not make the trip from Texas to Cheyenne.

Texas winters are wide and varied.  One snowflake falls in Dallas and we shut the city down!  Nyla laughed at us Texans, commenting every winter that “you Texans don’t know how to drive in the snow”.  I then say, “It’s not snow – it’s ICE”.  Wyoming winters on the other hand can and be brutal.  So the obvious choice quickly pointed to… “me”.   A crazy enough Texan who loved his wife and naturally said, “I will take Dexter to Cheyenne”.  No biggie, right?  Weather was fine right now and I drove that route many a time with Nyla.  But this time I was racing a predicted snow storm coming in from the West Coast.

I get as far as Kansas and the inevitable begins and snow begins to fall.  Slowly at first.  Then harder and heavier.  Then roads started to “white over”.  Then I get to Nebraska and onto Interstate 80.  I barely can see thru the now “sideways snow”.  I turn West onto 80 and catch an 18-wheeler and follow it.  Soon the 18-wheeler calls it quits and pulls off to a truck stop.  But not the stupid Texan with a Weiner dog pup.  No,oooo…, he continues West into the worsening storm. [mind you, in that region, there are highway closure barricades along the East/West and North/South Interstates to shut them down in case of blizzard or white-out conditions].

I no more pass one of these gates and I go by this collection of yellow flashing lights, highway patrol cars, etc. and they are closing the gate literally behind me.  It is now considered a “white-out” and I’m driving 20-30mph (too fast).  Don’t know how or where it came from, but another 18-wheeler passes me and I latch onto it and follow all the way into Cheyenne, where the local family members are laughing still to this day, at the story and triumphant delivery of that special pup Dexter, to his new Daddy, Ted Lopez, Sr, courtesy of a crazy Texan and supportive wife, Nyla.  Thanks babe.  Really enjoyed that.

Survivors of Nyla (in random order) are her husband of 36 years, Michael Douglas Goody, Garland, TX;  Son, Jerry Damon Jasperson (Rebecca) and Grandson, Sawyer Jasperson all of Heber City, Utah;  Son, Jerrad David Jasperson (Joann) and their Son, Joshua Jasperson all of Rowlett, TX plus Step-daughter, Monica Chavez (Thomas) (husband Pedro) and their Son, Adrian Chavez all of Farmers Branch, TX;  Step-daughter, Kasey Tribble (Thomas) (husband Sergeant First Class Michael);  Sister, Mary Alice Myers (Schutte) (husband Frank), Cheyenne, WY;  Half-Brother, Walter Lamar (Tara), Royse City, TX;  Brother, Theodore (Ted-Teddy) Lopez, Jr. (Wendy), Commerce City, CO;  Sister, Cynthia Richmond (Lopez) (husband Jerry), Cheyenne, WY;  Brother, Joe Lopez (Margaret), Fort Collins, CO;  Anna Russell (Lopez), Cheyenne, WY;  Sister, Susanna (Susan) Lopez (Denise), Winsor, CO;  Rose Lopez, Boulder, CO;  Theresa Scott (Lopez), Aurora, CO;  Adoptive Son, Matthew Ray (Heather) and their Son, Matthew Jr., Hutchins, TX (Matt Jr is also known as “little Matt” and was Adoptive Grandson to Nyla – a true love to Nyla).  And all those family members in faith from KHD who knew, loved, worshipped with and prayed for Nyla thru her many sequential losses of family members, and for her health and recovery from each of the many hurdles Nyla endured.  Thank you all.

…plus many more Relatives, Cousins, Nephews, Nieces, along with official and unofficial relatives too many to name.  Nyla was part of a big wide family tree with so many branches and chapters – too many to list and recognize.

Family Members preceding Nyla in Death were her Father, Leroy Willis Schutte, Cheyenne, WY;  Mother, Nola Grace Lamar (Schutte - Hunnel), Cash, TX;  Son, Robert Theodore Lake, Pine Bluffs, WY (2020);  Brother, Dale Ray Schutte, Chicopee, MA (2021);  Sister, Betty Mae Walters (Schutte), Blanchard, LA (2021);  Brother, Billy (Bill or Big Bill) Schutte, Cheyenne, WY (2021); Adoptive Father & Mother, Theodore Lopez, Sr. (Ted Sr.) (wife Josephine), Cheyenne, WY;  Adoptive Brother, Daniel Lopez, San Antonio, TX;  God-Son, Spencer Michael Armstrong, age 18 (2014), Sulphur Springs, TX (Nyla and I were his God-Parents).  Spencer’s passing shattered Nyla’s heart as she wailed at the news I was forced to give her of Spencer’s passing.  She was there when he was born and they grew up together as best friends and Nyla’s love for Spencer was also extended to Spenser’s immediate family.  Spencer left a hole in our hearts and still hurts to this day.

Her Brother Teddy (Ted) Lopez recently noted Nyla’s passing was of great religious importance in the following observation:  “Nyla went home on a New Moon.  Tonight is a New Moon [2-2-22].  David Kochevar is blowing the Shofar in her honor as we speak.  The New Moon is a new beginning and is when the Messiah returns.  This is Nyla’s new beginning – Ted”.  Beautiful.  Thank you Ted, brother.  Nyla also loved to blow the Shofar and do a Hebraic dance or two.

There is so much more to say, but as I noted above, there just is not enough space or time to reflect upon it all.  I ask that each of you who knew Nyla, to hold her memories in your hearts and look to those memories for uplifting love and happiness until we all meet again.  As we draw to a close, may we all partake and praise together with singing of the following Hebraic blessing, known as the Shema.

Shema Yisrael

YHVH Eloheinu, Adonai Echad

Baruch shem kvod

Malchuto le’olam vaed.

Yeshua hu haMashiach

Hu adon hakol.


Hear, O Israel

YHVH is our God

YHVH is One

Blessed be the Name of

His Glorious kingdom forever.

Yeshua, He is the Messiah.

He is the Lord of all.

In closing, I offer you Nyla, my dearest love, and to others you have touched thru your life, and those that are suffering at your sudden, unexpected and tragic passing, I proclaim in your honor, the Aaronic blessing –

The Lord bless you, and keep you;

The Lord make His Face shine upon you, and be gracious to you;

The Lord lift up His Countenance upon you, and give you peace.

And they shall put My Name upon the people of Israel; and I will bless them.

…and they said, “HalleluYAH!!!”.

Nyla – I miss you so very much.  I loved you greatly and hope I measured up to that “perfect man and husband” you constantly labeled me as, though I was not.  Within my means I gave you almost everything you wanted or asked for.  I am so glad you chose me to be your soul-mate for life!  Even though mine and others’ hearts are broken now, our hearts are also happy for you, as you are no longer suffering from constant bodily pain, no longer afflicted by your many ailments, no longer taking all those meds you hated, and are now free from the bonds of this sinful world.  Good-bye baby.  No, wait, let’s just say “So long for now…, I will see you again one day!”  Kisses and Hugs baby.  Good night my love.

Signed… your loving husband, confidant and best true friend you ever had.

- With Love, Michael

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NYLA M. GOODY (Schutte)


by Mike Goody

Welcome to you all.   Thank you for coming.  Thanks for giving your time and joining us today, to honor Nyla Goody’s life and legacy.

Today is not formal.  It’s just us, family, friends, neighbors, gathering to give thanks from those of us who knew Nyla and were fortunate enough to be impacted by Nyla.  Either directly, by ripple effect, or by her food!!!  Your presence today is a tribute to Nyla.

As you can tell, I have written my thoughts down so I stay on track, and also help me from breaking down into a puddle of tears… (still might happen).  I admit it, I have cried a lot this last week or so.  I loved her more than anything, and vice-versa – a real life “love story”. More tears will flow in months & years to come.  It has been, and will be hard to carry on.  Not just me, but all who knew and enjoyed Nyla.

Disclaimer - I would like to say in advance and offer an apology – that I have not finished Nyla’s photo slide-show.  Call it a technological impasse (i.e. frustration with technology).  Goal was to have it done by today.  I will seek a dear friend of Nyla’s for help to finish soon.  Keep watching the Quinlan Funeral Home website.

On a joyous note to help me stay on track, I was warned (eh, threatened) to keep this to under 40,000 words or less.  Some of you close to me know that I can pound a mean keyboard.

As a side-bar, we are “on the clock” here at the church working with an allotted time slot.  We will keep this moving best we can so we can conclude on time.

This will not be in chronological order of Nyla’s life.  Just a mish-mash of my random thoughts and memories.  What follows are only a small peek into Nyla’s full and glorious life she spent with me, and others.  She was amazing to be around.

Maybe some of you have something funny or serious to share as well.  Those wishing to speak will be allowed to do so at end of service.

Today, we Celebrate Nyla, for it is her day, and our day - those left behind.  To recall and re-live some great memories we had with Nyla.  Whether it be Nyla consoling others, others consoling Nyla, or some rip-roaring hilarious laughter between the ladies and anyone else who shared in her presence.

As many of you know, there are many family members in or near Cheyenne, WY, Colorado and elsewhere, who could tell some wild tales from yesteryear and Nyla’s childhood.  I wish those family members unable to attend today, solace and peace for your loss of Nyla.  Including those many friends who tuned-in online to partake in Nyla’s Celebration of Life today.

Today there will be tears, joy, laughter and fellowship in the Lord’s word.

For starters, I’d like to quote a famous person who actually makes an excellent point that we all can relate to…and it goes like this:

“Grief is the Price We Pay for Love”

– by Queen Elizabeth II

Think about that for just a minute…

“Grief is the Price We Pay for Love”

Are you grieving?  I am.

Those who knew Nyla…she will live-on in our hearts and memories, similar to one I have enjoyed for decades.  Those little reminders from Nyla can be so special, but for me, an extra level of remembrance of her giving…being her beautiful long hair is forever..… in our laundry, on clothes, coats, floor, closets, pets, vacuum and more – there have been, and will be, long hair strands forever I feel.  Those of you with long hair can relate.

This may be a shocker – but Nyla was 12-years older than I.  It did not matter as we were in LOVE.  I was a mere 23-year old pup, and along comes this Cougar I had to know more about.  We met at a Square-Dance.  My mom set me up with the caller’s daughter (which was not Nyla).

So I show up to this square-dance (I was a dancer) dressed to impress – or so I thought.  I had hair at the time….had a nice shirt on, but the selling point (I thought) was my in-style light brown freshly ironed corduroy pants that were 3-inches too short by the way.  Yep, they were high-waters.  And, I was wearing a stylish pair of white tube socks for show.  Nyla said she saw me, chuckled to herself, turned around and ignored me the rest of the night while she danced with her partner and son, Jerrad.  That was our first encounter that led to a glorious 37 year relationship.  Technically, guys pass 12-years sooner than women and seemed logical that we’d pass very close to one another.  Well that plan back-fired.

Little known fact – Nyla loved, I mean LOVED getting new pens.  She would light-up with excitement at seeing the new pens or colored pencils.  Just something simple that brought joy to her heart.  We have hundreds of them around the house. And let’s don’t forget a new pad or day planner to go with her pen collection.

Nyla loved to eat out.  It was our thing.  It helped her with not being able to cook, or cook that well later in life after her double-bypass surgery.  Her go-to choice was her favorite Chinese Food buffett in Rowlett.  Others were a little hole-in-the wall Mexican Taqueria over on Arapaho in Garland.  Another was Pho Soup (or Faa).  PhoBac in Richardson off Plano Rd was superb.  We tried over a dozen places and this place has the best soup.  Other restaurants were McDonalds, FireHouse Subs, Chick-Fil-A, Williams Chicken, Olive Garden, Papusas down on Broadway in Garland, Braum’s, Texas Roadhouse for the Prime Rib and the big one – SONIC.  Nyla always said, “Sonic has the best draft Route44 Cokes”.  Gotta have that Route44 – not small, not medium, but the Route44.  Plus other eateries too many to name.

We just enjoyed each other’s company and were dedicated to one another no matter what.  You know what the big contract says…”For Better or Worse, Richer or Poorer, in Sickness or Health”…  We were committed.

Nyla was very sharp with technology long ago when she had to absorb manuals and learn computer systems and networks, then manage and teach to others.  Over the last few years, and especially after her bypass surgery, she and technology did not mix very well.  If she wanted a new phone, I had to get same phone to learn it, then show her how it works, and fix it when she messed it up.  We got thru most of it okay.  She did alright.

Surprise!!!  Nyla loves babies!  Oh did she love them.  From being in the delivery room, to infants and up.  Her babies or others’.  Nyla would almost squeal with joy when she saw one, or better yet, when she was able to hold one.  Waving at them across a restaurant or walking by.  Many a family had the pleasure of knowing Nyla as she offered her love, guidance, babysitting services and unwavering methods of correction and guidance to not only children, but wisdom to the parents.  Nyla’s love also spread to animals and their babies.

Many children Nyla touched have grown up and now have children of their own.  Some of those children and families are with us today, plus many others scattered across the country.  Nyla’s witty method of delivery of said correction made Nyla special.  Never in anger – always in love and/or with a scriptural phrase in offering correction to the child.

Nyla was her mother’s daughter – on travel that is...  Her mother was a traveler too (affectionately called the “Road-Runner”) and would go-go-go.  Nyla never got a nickname.  But, she did like to “up and go” at a moment’s notice.  Nyla had freedom to go and was allowed to stretch her wings any time.  I would anchor the house and Nyla would go visit family.  Go back “home” as she was home-sick on many occasion.  She needed to be where Nyla needed to be.

She was literally 2-days away from leaving to go to New Mexico to see a friend for a few days.  This go-round, Dr. appointments, two MRI’s and one Cat-Scan, delayed her departure.  Then she was to rush off to Denver to see her brother and sister.  The sister just had emergency gallbladder surgery and wanted to be there and visit.  Then of course, Nyla would have extended her stay up into Wyoming (go figure) to see more family on this trip.

A little over a week ago, she was laying out clothes and the day after she passed I was to pull down the suitcases and start getting her and the car ready to leave on Sunday, which was February 6 th , and after the ice storm was over.  As we know, she never got to take her last earthly trip.  Instead as we know, Nyla’s number was called by her Creator and she had to catch a different ride, for a different trip, for a different purpose.

Nyla had a laundry list of ailments.  If you knew Nyla, there is a good chance she did not complain about many, if at all.  From the latest – double bypass surgery, to COPD, Asthma, Congestive Heart Failure, Type 2 Diabetic, Neuropathy in feet, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Back Pain from two(2) Spinal Fusions, Severe back pain, Sciatica, Degenerative Disc Disease, Reflux, Stomach Bypass, Carpel Tunnel surgery, Dentures, Oral Surgery, Hair Falling out, Feet & Bone issues, Bone Spurs, Hysterectomy, Bladder Relocation, Leg Cramps, Foot and Toe Cramps, Broken Collar Bone, Broken Ribs, Hips are shot, Shoulder falling apart, Joint Pain, got Sepsis and almost died, and being a cook, got cut bad occasionally losing the random fingertip and her palm once while using a mandolin…and recently since heart surgery, Memory Loss, Chest Tightness, Can’t Breathe, No Stamina, and more.

Even with these medical burdens, Nyla persevered and moved forward with love and kindness and tried to put on a happy face.  Only I was the wiser behind the scenes.

Nyla was funny and could tell a funny story.  One of which was around 55 years ago as a teenager.  At that time, Nyla wanted to take the kids for a ride in the family car and headed for fun on this hilly road called “Happy Jack Trail” outside of Cheyenne.

As Nyla told the story – they are driving along on this dirt road – car going up and down, and up and down they go like a roller coaster.  Gaining speed they hit this one large hill-top and they go totally air-born (all 4-wheels).  She explained it as being in slow-motion.  When they landed (safely mind you), they hit with a thud and did not crash and came to a stop.  Panic in faces ensued and some crying – but after a bit…everyone burst out cheering, whooping and hollering “do it again, do it again”. Nyla never did it again.

Did you know that Nyla was hard on vehicles?  Yep, accidents happen – things jump out in front of you.  Working backward, the little Silver S-10, she bumped the nose into another truck’s trailer hitch (small dent).  An old Green Chevy Truck, she found a concrete reinforced yellow light post base.  Her white Rav4 she backed into someone.  The brown Buick Enclave – she took-on an Aldi Grocery Store post.  A parking garage at a doctor visit got her right front corner bumper.  The copper (orange) Hyundai Santa Fe drove over a concrete divider curb or two.  Had an old white Buick LeSabre (a tank) – just rebuilt the engine, had 100 miles on it, and someone pulled out in front of us and Nyla T-boned the car (Buick was totaled).  Nyla had a Buick Skylark way back and someone rear-ended her in an ice storm.  And the most memorable – we had a 1996 Chevy Lumina – she and I drove that to Colorado to visit family where a sudden freak summer super-cell storm generated baseball size hail.  Storm was rotating and car got hit on all five sides and destroyed it.  Afterward, it looked like someone took a sledgehammer to the car (Lumina was totaled).

As a small child, Nyla was introduced to baby animals.  Her father Leroy, raised Rabbits for the family for sale, for food and to sell the rabbit droppings as fertilizer.  After the baby rabbits came along and turned into puff-balls, Nyla would climb in the cage with the rabbits and get the babies.  Just lovin’ and huggin’ them up close against her chest.  Excited and squeezing them until…yep, they died.  Nyla would get another and do the same.  and another…you get the point.  Dad came out and raised all kind of heck and gave Nyla a good whippin’ for that.  Nyla also enjoyed licking the little salt-lick discs that were in the rabbit cages.

Then came the little ducklings and Nyla wanted to help them learn to swim (see where I’m going with this???).  Nyla did the same thing when the chicks hatched and they were just those little yellow tennis balls running around.  Nyla would get one, run over to the water tub and put them in and then UNDER the water to “teach them to swim”.  Yep, she did that to most of the clutch.   And yes, Nyla got a whippin’ for that too.

Well, my time is almost up, and I have so many more life stories I could share.  Hopefully Nyla shared a few stories with you.  Or better yet, maybe she made some new stories with you or your children to remember for years to come!

Nyla was also known for her “Nyla-isms” (a dear friend here today coined that phrase).  Saying’s that meant something and out of left field sometimes – like “knock it off”, “don’t make me stop this car”, “we’re OFF like a dirty shirt”, “Well I’ll be Jiggered”, and others.

Nyla liked to smell good and not offend anyone.  Raise your hand if you remember how Nyla always smelled so good.

So many people thru the years would say to Nyla, “you smell so-ooooo good”.  Here is Nyla’s secret - These are her favorite fragrances – Oscar de la Renta, Red Door, White Diamonds, Chanel No.5, Amarige, Anais Anais, and one special one – “Blue Waltz”.

Blue Waltz is hard to find today as it was merely an old general store bargain variety (started in 1927).  Tiny little bottles in shape of a heart with a blue flower bud on top for the lid.  I would buy a dozen and would make Nyla so very happy, transporting her back to her childhood.  It made her smile with every shipment.

Nyla’s affinity for fragrances started when she was a child.  When Nyla and her sisters discovered it, it was cheap and all she could afford.  It really does smell good and does not sour.  Kids at school and others would complement Nyla on her fragrance.

Nyla and her sisters would NEVER say it was Blue Waltz, as it was known to be for poor people – which, Nyla was.  As you know, kids can be cruel.  So Nyla and her sisters re-named it, re-branded it as, Schut-te’ (shoo-tae).  A clever twist on an old classic.  Re-branded it right after her maiden name at that time – “Schutte”, just pronounced with a touch of French accent mixed in.  Very clever indeed.  And it worked.  Everyone wanted to know where to get it.

Nyla’s aroma was pleasing to those who got a whiff or “poof” when you hugged her.  Hopefully not over-powering.  May her aromatic scent be pleasing to God as it was to us, and bring fond memories to our hearts and minds if we are ever so fortunate to catch another whiff of her fragrance again.

In closing - thank you all for coming and hope you learned a little more about Nyla.  She was one of “the special ones”.  May you be blessed with her memories forever.

…AND, for the bean counters out there – this presentation has been brought to you today by the letter “N” for Nyla, with a word count of only 2,749 words.  Well under the 40,000 word limit – hah!

Love and blessings to all.

To order memorial trees or send flowers to the family in memory of Nyla Goody, please visit our flower store.

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